Wireless Keyboards - how about international Layout/Mappings? Is it possible?

As soon as I read about the USB Keyboard Support in the release notes of the latest firmware I orderd a Logitech MK250 at Amazon. The packet arrived yesterday and the thing works out of the box with the Live.  Great job! However, is there a way to change the keyboard layout? I know about the option key on the remote to enter international characters, but I’d like to use the german layout (qwertz) on my keyboard. Since the Live runs on Linux, that should not be a big problem. If I had a shell on the thing I’d do it myself…

Hi Rennix,

On the basis of your experience with the Logitech MK 250, I bought one also. However I can’t seem to get it to work with my HDtv Live unit.

Is there a setting that has to be changed somewhere? The keyboard and mouse works fine on my desktop so there isn’t a problem with the keyboard itself.

Any helpful suggestions suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Leigh (Toolman)