Wireless issues with a MBL 2T and a MacBook Pro

I’ve been on the phone with WD tech support for over 4 hours now. I’ve spoken to 4 different ‘level 2 support’ agents and no one is able to help me out. 

I’ve recently purchased a my book live 2T hard drive (and I installed the most up to date firmware). I use an o/s LION macbook pro. I have a Cisco DPC3825 router combo. 

My macbook recognizes and finds the MBL hard drive wirelessly. However, I can only connect to the MBL dashboard via hardwire (connecting directly to the router, which is also connected to the hardwired MBL). If I unplug my macbook from the router, and go wirelessly, I CANNOT connect to the dashboard of the MBL. 

WD 2nd level support advise I need to change settings in the router to merge both the wireless and bridge. However, after speaking to 2nd level support of the Cisco DPC3825 provider, they advise it’s impossible as if they bridge the router, the wireless service deactivates. 

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

PhantomJT wrote:

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Thanks in advance!

Other than changing the router or checking if you can still access the configuration page ON WINDOWS to confirm if this is another WD vs. Lion issue?

After an additional attempt with WD 2nd level support, I was able to speak to a supervisor within 2nd level support (kinda like 3rd level support) and he was easily able to fix the problem. 

He altered the MAC settings to allow Time Machine backup using the IP address of the WD HD instead of ‘mybooklive.local’.

Instead of connecting the mac via smd, he changed it to afp.

To do this, you go to:

  • Finder 

  • Select ‘GO’ at the top of the menu bar

  • Select ‘Connect to server’ 

  • then change the address bar to show: afp://xxx.xxx.x.xx (replace x with the HD ip address) 

  • from there he went into System preferences

  • Click User & Groups

  • Select your account


  • add your time machine backup from the list

and that should work

The HD has been connected and backup has been in progress.
Note - if you ever call tech support, and the first guy cant help you, ask for the issue to be escalated to 2nd level support. Those guys know their stuff. If they dont, ask for a supervisor in 2nd level support.


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Although this solution may work - it seems like an awkward work around.  Your wireless access point (assuming it is built into the router) - is not providing name resolution to its connected devices.  This sounds like a configuration issue with your router - or how you have the access point configured.  This solution may work for your Time Machine issue - but unless you resolve the router/access point problem - you will most likely experience problems with other wireless devices that you attempt to add in the future.


Hi Scott,

Yes this is a workaround…only due to the fact no one was able to assist with fixing the router. I contacted my internet service provider and maker of the router and received no assistance from either company. 

I’ll take my chances…and hope that the above ‘solution’ will help others in similar situations…


Is Cisco DPC3825 the exact name and model number of your router?  This model number sounds more like an enterprise-level router than a home router?  If it is an enterprise router than I can understand why changing it’s configuration may present a challenge.  I will take a look at the specs. 

I looked up the manual for the Cisco DPC3825.  It’s a cable modem, gigabit router, Wifi Access point combined.  Looks fairly new and high-end.  I don’t see any configuration options that I don’t see on my own linksys router that would change the way the wireless functionality works.  It almost seems to me that there is either something wrong with the router - as the wifi acess point should provide the same connectivity as the wired ports to the local subnet.  Could this be a firmware bug in the router?  Looks like firmware updates need to be pushed to the router exclusively by the cable provider as I don’t see an option in the admin tab to “upload firmware”.

I would ask the cable provider if this router has the latest firmware - or if it can be swapped out for a different unit.  If you are on Comcast - you should just be able to take the router to a comcast office and they should exchange it for you - assuming you are leasing the device and don’t own it.  This is a very high speed cable modem and router combo - and you are probably paying extra for this - and I don’t believe it’s working correctly.