Wireless connectivity issues

I have had the live for a while now and figured I would try and set it up wirelessly. Bought a d-Link n150 usb adapter and Bell has installed a Siemens Gigaset SE567 router.

The WD box sees my wireless network and asks for a password but when trying to connect I get …

“unable to obtain an IP address. The media player has limited or no connectivity.”

I have tried moving the router and the usb adapter to no avail.

Our cell phones see and use the wireless network but no luck with the WD media player. Any suggestions?

hi there

  • pls check wifi security key codes [wpa/tpa/wpa2]

  • all units must have the same and common base 

  • additionally pls check dns server on you router



My router is using WEP for security as far as I know it is the only thing that uses security…does the WD live box have a security setting? I am able to connect to my neighbours internet connection and it updated the WD box. It found the neighbours internet connection automatically (who use a d-link router).

I can get a cheap d-link router but if I do not want to if I don’t have to replace the free one I got with my ISP.

Try something other then WEP.

Having the same problem.  Any resolution yet?