Wireless connection speed

Hi all,  i seem to be having a problem with my wireless connection speed. I’ve got a 3 tb my cloud.

I’m trying to upload videos to the device but there seems to be something wrong as it’s taking 5 seconds per megabyte.any suggestions?

You probably do not have anything wrong. The My Cloud performs its best when the My Cloud and the PC are both hard-wired. This is especially true when transferring large files.

What router do your have and is it 802.11n, 802.11ac etc? How close to the router are you? How about the computer you are uploading from? See image below taken of my desktop while uploading a movie. Desktop and router both on 802.11n 5GHz in the same room with my My Cloud.


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cat0w (USA)

My Desktop PC and MyCloud are in the same room but there is 40’-50’ of Cat5 to my router.  I see from 39-56 MB/sec.

Maybe a test like LAN Speed Test(Lite) the free version can be used for comparison.  I have the paid $6 version also.  Look here:  http://www.totusoft.com/downloads.html