Wireless connection problems - no DNS, no Internet

After spending far too long on the phone with support today and reading through tons of posts I thought I’d ask the question anyhow. Bought a new WD TV Live Streaming player today and no matter what I’ve tried I cannot get to the Internet. I’ve got two wireless routers in the house and I can only get an IP address and no access to the net. Both routers (trendnet 639gr and FiOS actiontec) work just fine with the myriad of other devices in the house - laptops, multiple gaming consoles, multiple smartphones, iPad, multiple Internet ready TVs, etc. I’ve tried to configure the WD unit through both DHCP and static IP. I’ve tried multiple encryption methods and channels. I can see between 1 and 2 bars when I check the connection through the WD. I upgraded the firmware from the default one that ships to 1.0.5 and have downgraded to 1.0.4. Still nothing but an IP address and no outside connectivity. At this point, I’d really like to get this to work and not have to return it to bestbuy. Anyone got any ideas??

Some progress, but not good enough…

Managed to get the wireless working last night.  The only way was to utilize WPA-PSK TKIP as the encryption method.  While it works, this is a legacy encryption and does not utilize the full speed of the Trendnet wireless-N router.  As such, some of the streaming from local networks and the DLNA server were choppy.   Could not get it to work on the FiOS actiontec router no matter how many settings I’ve tried.  Will try level 2 support today and if they or someone here at the forums can help, I’ll keep the unit.  Otherwise, back to the store it goes for a more reliable device.

Some older FiOS routers had a problem with WPA.  

Even though you could configure it, it would not work correctly. 

I had to replace my router to a “Rev-C,” I think, to get WPA to work correctly.

I’ve got Rev F. since we’ve only had FiOS for less than a year.

Model #: MI424WR (Rev F)

I did notice I’m using WPA2, I’ll try downgrading to WPA to see if that makes a difference.

join the club :flushed:

Only got my router (Linksys WAG325N) to work with WPA personal (not WPA2).   And even then i cannot get it to stream my shared files.  This box is still in Beta :confounded:

My two Wireless boxes (One SMP and one Hub) are both working with WPA2 Personal using Linksys E3000.  


Do ya’ll have your SSID’s set to BROADCAST?

Yep, SSID is broadcast.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I’ve tried static channels and auto select.  I’ve tried static IP and dynamic. I’ve tried my router as DNS, the ISP DNS and OpenDNS.  So far, the only thing that works in the Trendnet on WPA-PSK / TKIP.

This isn’t rocket science, although I know networking can be tricky.

It goes without saying, that every other device I’ve ever tried to hook up to these routers work like a champ.

Here’s my wireless security settings that gets me connected most of the time.  SSID enabled.   I noticed that the player retries the connection in the background.  I see the current temperature/ weather icon (after subscribing to the weather service?) in upper right corner of my tv screen when connected.   Still doesnt allow me to stream my movies (due to firmware not handling samba correctly apparently)

Seems WPA / TKIP is the only thing I can get to work.  Trendnet works with DHCP and FiOS router only works with static IP.  Not an ideal solution, far from being easy to use but at least I can better evaluate whether this product is worth keeping.