Wireless Bridge/Access Point

Hi - I don’t see a wireless bridge/access point device on the list of approved netowrk devices.  Can you recommend one.  Thx.

Wireless Access Points are a dime per dozen; there’s no reason to have them on an “Approved” list; if they’re any good, they’re completely transparent.

Anyway, you’ll pay more for an Access Point or Wireless Bridge than you would just pay for a WiFi router.   That’s what I did.   I have two Linksys E3000s set up to run as AP’s.

I used a Linksys WAP54G access point for a while.

It was plugged direct into the LAN port on the WD TV Live and connected to my wireless-G router.  Worked fine but the signal strength wasn’t amazing.  

Ended up switching to a spare Belkin F5D8051C (ver.3100), which is a Pre-N USB adapter.  Gets me max signal strength.

If you do consider the Linksys WAP54G, look into the various model numbers available.  There are several, some better than others.  There is also a few custom firmwares available but, again, some are version dependant.