Wireless and wd TV :(

I bought a wd TV live a little over a month ago mainly so.i can connect and watch videos wirelessly from my computer. My computer is running 32 bit windows 7 with an Intel 2.4.GHz quad core processor and 4 GB ram, and im set up wirelessly to a NetGear wireless n 300 router (wnr200) but I am having issues watching larger files. My guess is im running out.of bandwidth or something but would really like to keep my stuff set up wirelessly and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do. The problem with the videos is larger files will playback and then slow down and mute. Im unable to connect a LAN cable directly to my equipment but I am fairly confident that would fix the problem. If I need to buy or upgrade something please let me know

hi there. i had the same problem as you. my router is up stairs and my wd tv live was downstairs connected to the tv. streaming hd  mkv’s didn’t work very well over wireless and to run a lan cable from upstairs to downstairs would be abit of a problem as i was not happy trailing a 20ft cable round the house. in the end i bought some tp link powerline adapters, they are amazing they work by sending a wired internet connection through the electric circut in your house. i just plugged one into the mains and the router upstairs and one into the mains and the wd tv live downstairs and hey presto full speed wired connection with no trailing cable.

Thanks, I didnt even know there was a product like that…im going to have to do some research because that would definetly make life easier

WD makes a similar product called LiveWire that has good reviews and good price right here at the WD Store. 

Check it out:  http://wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=310 

If you are trying to stream Hi-def over wireless you will probably get bandwidth issues. If however its just SD the wireless should be fine, as is the case with me anyway. If it is struggling with SD try changing the routers channel as you maybe using the same as someone else nearby. Might save a few quid trying this first.

I also have devolo powerline plugs setup for a cctv network, as said earlier are great and are so easy to setup. If I have any more wireless issues with the WDTV this will be the route I take as they are easy to add too aswell.

I havent even tried hd movies yet, I already changed my router channel to the least trafficed one. Im thinking the powerline will be the best option so far

they do work brilliantly. you can pick them up on amazon for around £ 35.

Have to agree I had same problem wireless upstairs and bought the WD livewire and  boy it sure does work and now I can play anything no problem. It was so easy to set up too just plug each box in the wall outlet and voila. You have four ports in each box too. Can add more boxes too, I am gonna get one more set down the road.