Wireless adaptor with Live or Live Plus Media Player

Description     I own two WD TV Live Media players

WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player
Firmware Version: 1.06.42_B
Part Number: WDBABX0000NBK
Serial number [Deleted]

WD TV Live HD Media Player
Firmware version: 106.43_V
Part number: WDAAN0000NBK
Serial number: [Deleted]

I would like to set one of them up with a wireless adaptor. I purchased a
 Netgear WN111-1VCNAS (WN111v2) USB wireless adaptor which is on WD list of compatible tested devices. However, when I attempt to set the Netgear wireless adaptor up, following WD instructions from 

Answer ID 3806 How to configure the Network Settings on the WD TV Live HD Media Player

I am not seeing a wireless choice under Network Setup, as displayed in the instructions, on either the Live or the Live Plus media player. I only see an automatic or manual choice. There is no mention of wireless anywhere in the setup screens.

Will my devices work with this, or any wireless adaptor? If so, then how do I set up the Netgear adaptor with either one of my WD Live media players?

Thank you

Make sure you do not also have a live ethernet cable connected to your WD.  If it is, you won’t see wireless as a choice.

Are you sure it has the same revision / version number as the one on the approved list. Unfortunately manufacturers often change the chip set within the adaptors without changing the model number. Its the chip set that is important as the player firmware only supports a limited number.


Go to this URL  http://wikidevi.com/wiki/Main_Page and explore this issue further:  The site catalogs all kind of chipsets in wireless adapters, etc.  See the WDTV section on the right side of the first page.  I saw the adapter you mentioned is on the list, but as RichUK said, be sure of the exact adapter and version number you have.

I found this comment there about chipsets and WDTV interesting:

Keep in mind that the WDTV Live will only function (out of the box, anyway) with chipsets which have available drivers on the device. The USB ID for the device must also be within the driver, so devices with vendor specific USB IDs (of devices not in the official list) may not work. The default USB IDs, however, should generally be within their respective drivers.

Even with both of those requirements fulfilled, it is still possible that certain devices will not work. Do your due diligence….