Wired TV hub connected to a wireless laptop

Can my TV hub connect to my laptop thru the wireless internet router. I currently have my TV hub connected to the router with an Ethernet wire and it can connect to the internet and my laptop is wireless but I don’t know how to connect the TV hub to the laptop . Can it be done or does the laptop have to be connected to the router with a wire . i want to transfer files to the tv hub and if need be take copy them back onto my laptop . also would like my another laptop to connect to it as well.

i have windows 7 if that helps 

Wired or wireless; doesn’t matter…

how would i set it up

I realize it’s been almost 2 months since you last posted this.  I don’t see that anyone answered you, and I just became a member recently, so I thought I would answer your question for the sake of future people in your situation.

What you need is a WiFi router/switch.  Your current router may be wireless, since you have a laptop, but you didn’t explicitly state how your laptop connects to the internet.

There are probably more than 2 ways go connect the WDtvHub to your wireless laptop, but I will focus on the easiest way.

Like I stated earlier, you will need a wireless access device somewhere on your network.  For my setup, my netgear router is already wireless. (as well as wired)

Step 1: Connect your Hub with a cable to your WiFi device [router/switch].
Step 2: Connect your WiFi device* to your internet device [router]. (in my case 1 & 2 are the same)

Step 3: Use your laptop’s wifi to connect to the WiFi device / Router.  (you should now be able to surf the net)
Step 4: On your laptop, open your File Explorer. (Win + E) and on the left pane select your network.
Step 5: You should “see” the Hub listed on the right pane. (Might take several seconds to find all devices)
Step 6: Once you see it, open it and navigate to the folder/file you want to play.
Step 7: Play it on your laptop. Enjoy. No need to copy file to your laptop first.*

* Make sure the WiFI device supports 10/100/1000 base T (aka “Gigabit”)

In this set up, your Hub has full access to the Internet and (of course) your home network.

In my home network I have the following wired to my wifi router:
2 desktops (win 7x64 HP)

1 WDTV Hub
1 ReadyNAS Duo

And then I also have two laptops, and an Android phone connected wirelessly.

I hope that helps someone in the future.