Wired settings

Hi everyone,

Haven’t been able to setup the WDTV wired yet.

I have a PC with Win 7 64 bit that is wirelessly connected to the Internet through the router/modem.

I can connect the WDTV through Wi-Fi to my PC now but obviously as it’s all wireless, the speed is fine for playing mp3’s, but not good enough for Divx, not to mention MKV’s… (even if it’s 802.11 N)…

So I would like to connect through a ethernet cable to my PC directly. 

What would be the correct settings on both the ethernet card and wdtv device to make it work? have tried several ways without success…

Thanks for your help in advance!

I don’t understand what you mean, your PC should be given an IP address right away when you connect it to the router unless the local area network connection over cable is disabled (Go the the control panel to check). On the WDTV you may need to manually assign the network settings.

Sorry I may have not been clear enough…

Obviously I get an ip when I connect through wireless, but this is through the wireless card and for the internet connection.

I am wondering about the config for the Ethernet card, which I am assuming should be configured with a private ip to connect to the wdtv via ethernet cable.

Just want to have the alternative when the wireless speed is not good enough.

If I understood your problem correctly you want direct access to your PC via Wired Ethernet interface correct?

If that is true, here are the steps

  1. Connect a cross-over cable to your PC’s NIC card (If your PC’s NIC is not Gigabit) if it is Gigabit, you can use regular cable

  2. Configure a STATIC IP address to your PC’s NIC card  say /

  3. Manually configure your WDTV LIVE SMP’s NIC interface to say /

  4. Configure your PC’s Networking and sharing of media files if you want

You should be able to access the media files that are on your PC from WDTV Live SMP

Please note: In this fashion, you will be able to access the PC’s shared media files thru’ windows filesharing, but you will not be able to access Internet via this connection as this will be a private network.

If you want to take a step further, you will need to enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on your Windows PC and make the NIC card part of the ICS solution, then you will be able to use Online Services from your WDTV Live SMP as well as access the local PC’s media files via windows sharing.

Setting up ICS is quite a challenging feat, but you can always get help from Microsoft :smiley:

Best of luck!