Wiping Media Library information

When I first tried to set up my media I added various sub folders to the media library.

I decided this probably wasn’t a great idea and wanted to step back to top tier folders.

However, I can’t seem to figure out where the WDTV is determining that sub folders are part of my media library. This results in my being prevented from re-indexing from top tier folders.

The data I’m trying to index is on a DNS-320 NAS box. I have unplugged my USB drive from the WDTV, so I know it isn’t indexing from there, but I can’t find any wdtv folders (hidden or unhidden)

Can anyone help?

Go into the Media Library Manager and hit OK on one of the entries. 

The full path is shown there;  at that exact path, you should find a .wd_tv folder, and it’s hidden.  The Database is stored there.

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Thanks - I’d forgotten about that settings directory!