Wipe a RAID-1 Array

I’m going to upgrade my Windows XP/Pro 32-bit machine to Windows 7/Pro 64-bit.  It has two RAID-1 Arrays:

  1. System (Drive C) … Pair of WD Raptor X’s (150GB each) in RAID-1
  2. Data (Drive D) … Pair of WD Caviar (500GB each) in RAID-1

There is a slim chance that I’m infected with a key logger malware. I want a full wipe of the system drive before I load Windows 7.

In researching this site, I see that “Acronis True Image WD Edition” has a “full erase” option. 

  1. Will this work on a RAID-1 array (i.e…, wiping both drives in the array in the same execution?
  2. I see that it comes as a zip file or ISO image. If an ISO image I assume I can burn to CD-ROM, or floppy, or USB stick, to make a bootable volume. Is that a correct assumption?
  3. I’d like to avoid “breaking” the RAID and then recreating it after the wipe.  Indeed, if I go to that trouble, I could simply use DBAN.
  4. Any warnings?  Comments?  Suggestions?