WinXP x64 asks for driver but still recognizes and works with Caviar Black 1TB

Good morning,

I have bought this Caviar Black WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 1TB DD so as to clone my “old” disk onto it.

However, ever since I cloned the other drive onto it, at bootup Windows asks for drivers.

When I look into what drivers are used in device manager, it says that no driver is installed (???) Code 28.

There is a message in the FAQ of WD site that says specifically that:

" If the driver is built into the OS or is already installed and the OS continues to look for a driver, your drive has most likely failed or been damaged and needs to be replaced "

This is the case of WinXP x64 which includes the RAID drivers as per the famous F6 procedure.

The disk is not the problem as CrystalDiskInfo 3.10.0 tells me.

BTW, the other drive, a Samsung, does not have this problem.

any help would be appreciated.

Could you post a screen shot on device manager showing this error? May take time to show on this thread as it needs approval.

This is the screenshot of the device manager in WinXPx64:

Screen shot Device Manager showing no driver for WDC DD


to solve my pb maybe I should reinstall the WinXP x64 drivers. Which are they in your systems and would I find them (probably on installation DVD but where).

In my system I have as driver files (but apparently insufficient, according to Windows):

disk.sys   : version Srv03_sp2

PartMgr.sys : version Srv03_sp2

Thank you for your time and trouble.

Okay… though it may not related, you need to upgrade to SP3 before the end of July 2011.

Few questions…

I think you use Asus P5E motherboard.  Are you using AHCI enabled SATA or just IDE SATA?

If you use Intel chipset for AHCI/SATA/IDE, you can download and install Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver from Intel support site. Make sure to look for 64bit version.


And you can download 64bit Asus chipset drivers from here.

Thank you for the advice about updating to SP3. I’ll download it.

About the other questions: 

Motherboard : AsusP5QD Turbo

I am using RAID and hence the RAID SATA chipset drivers from Intel ICH10R version dated 04/06/2009.

I use Matrix Storage Console version 8.9.1023 which states that the Serial ATA used is “Generation 2”, which I presume means that the Disk is operating in SATA 2, not SATA3 6GB/s.

The files listed as participating as drivers for the WD are PartMgr.sys version 5.2.3790

And Acronis anapman 3.3 build 345

For teh Samsung I have also disk.sys version 5.2.3790.3959 and

crcdisk.sys version 5.2.3790.1830

thank you for your time and trouble.

About a Service Pack 3 for Windows XP x64:

It seems that Microsoft has NOT, repeat, NOT issued a SP3 for XP x64.

Apparently service for users of XP x64 with SP2 installed is to go until April 8th, 2014.

Please see page:

Installing SP3 on Windows XP

If you have other information, please let me know!!!

thank you!

About XP-64bit  SP3; Thank you for the correction!

Can anybody tell me what driver he has for a Caviar Black with WinXP x64 please?

That appears in device manager, properties of the DD.

If you have Win XP, can you still tell me the name of the driver?

Win XP x64 does not find any driver suitable even if the original Windows XP DVD is included among possible sources in my case.

Thank you.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I am sorry, I don’t use WinXP anymore. I have 1TB drive on my Win7 64bit Asus rig but it is not a WD drive. All attached drives are operating from Windows native drivers. Other AHCI enebled drives are supported from Intel Matrix Storage Manager. And I have never used XP 64bit version.

I’d to migrate to Seven myself but the fact that I would have to reinstall about 50 applications, not to mention some games really makes me hesitate…

They really don’t like making it easy for us users…

It took me countless hours to make this system stable and working for all those apps, and now I have to start all over again?

Can you tell me what name the driver that Microsoft says handles your WD HDD in Win 7?

I checked both X86 and 64bit Win7 Disk drive driver files. Amazingly, both systems use same driver for this. Details as follows and both were provided by Microsoft.

Disk.sys Version: 6.1.7600.16385 - WIn7_rtm.090713-1255

Partmgr.sys Version: Same as above.

Just a suggestion, Why don’t you dual boot with 2 separate HDDs?

I do dual boot with 2 separate DD: the samsung and the WD.

I have one in case something happens to the other. I clone them once in a while.

I plan on buying a third disk, a SSD which will be the one on which I install Seven and progressively will install all necessary apps.

I am waiting for the SSDs to go in price, become more stable and I have the time to do all the installations and fine tuning again.

The drivers you mention are exactly the same as the ones appearing in the device manager for the DD, except for the version.

Perhaps I should try to use these versions in my system? I wonder if the fact that the WD is SATA3 may not be the cause of my troubles? What do you think?