WinXp and Win7 32 bit 3TB HD format more 2TB

I’ve two 232GB disks using WindowsXP, one 3TB WD disk using Windows7 both system 32 Bit.
In Win7 I could boot with any from two users, I look 2 partition 650GB and 1.3 TB
In WinXp I can see my two 232 GB and I saw a disk F with 746.5 GB not formatted, so I formatted in WinXp NTFS, In explorer looks fine the F:disk.
I try to start in Win7 and I couldn’t do it, so I boot from DVD windows 7 and start a repair issue from DVD installation Windows 7 disk., several hours took the repair procedure. It doesn’t boot in windows 7.
What can I do for boot in Win7?

I’m guessing since the drive is larger than 2TB that it’s formatted using GPT partions.

Windows XP doesn’t support GPT at all.
Windows 7 32-bit supports GPT, but not booting.
Only windows 7 64-bit and later supports booting from GPT.

No, I think is not in GPT, because the first time I install the 3TB drive and formatted for Windows7 it only look for 650GB in one partition, the one with system booting and another for 1.3TB for some kind of data, it sums 2TB. I was working with these partitions Ok. But when I, in another partition that boots windowsXP in another 232GB Disk, I saw a drive F without format, so I formatted it in NTFS and primary partition, so when I change for booting fom Windows7 WD Hard Disk, I couldn’t get into the windows7 system, partition 650GB that usually works. I want to recover the 650GB partition and booting in windows7 again, even if I had to loose F partition from WindowsXp.
How to get boot in WD partition Windows7 System 650GB again?