WinXP (2''5 IDE/usb hdd): device cannot be start (code 10)


I have 2’'5 HDD Western Digital WD Scorpio WD600VE (WD600VE-07HDT0) and last time I can no more use it because of my Windows XP (SP3) can’t correctly connect it - always error : “Code 10 - device cannot be start”. So - no disk in diskmgmt or diskpart.

After googling (incl this community forums) I understood that this is hardware error.

This portable HDD always connected via bundled usb-box.

So may be anyone can give me advice how to restore hdd?

Is there any special software for such situations?

It should better to find old laptop with 2’'5 IDE connector and plug this HDD to ide directly for improve restoring chances using which software?

Thank you.


Are you able to test the unit with a different USB cable or a different computer?

Also you can try to test the unit with DLG tool to see if the unit is detected.

Check the link below.