Windows8 MBL 2 TB cannot set up private shares

New Acer windows8 laptop, MBL with two other windows 7 laptops has worked just great for almost a year.  The new windows8 laptop will not allow me to open private shares without a windows security window asking for a user name and password.  I don’t use a password for my laptops.

Within windows 8, PC Settings, Devices, MBL is shown but with the “Driver Error” listed under it.  Within device manager, MBL has the “yellow exclamation” and within the properties it displays "this device cannot start (code 10) with driver version 6/8/11, have firmware 02.32.05-144, dashboard works fine building shares and users but I can’t seem to use them with windows 8.  Any windows 8 users with answers?


Check the errors that you are getting on the new windows 8 computer.