Windows XP On reboot needs me to put password in

When I reboot my windows XP sp3 computer. I click on the mapped drive it prompts me for the password even though I have told it to store it. It has the corect user name listed but it seems to have an issue storing the password. This is happening on two windows xp computers. Can anyone suggest a solution.


“Remember my Credentials” takes effect once an initial login has been made in order to prevent a security breach upon restart. This is an expected behavior.

I have logged into my computers account. It will not automatically connect to the drive. I have to click on the drive and re-enter my password. Every other mapped drive I have that is setup for reconnect does so without me entering a password.

The other issue I am running into is that I do offline files/folders for my wd drive so my files do not sync on login cuase it needs me to enter my password.

Please help me figure this out. It works fine on my win 7 computers.

IIRC this is a windows XP limitation. Googling around, here is what I found: