Windows XP not recognizing WD MyBookLive 1TB

I have completed all the trouble shooting options and i still have a yellow light. It says that the network connection cannot be found. I have the WD MyBookLive hooked up directly to the wireless router and I have made sure the UPnP has been enabled. I also checked that the TCP2869 and the UDP 1900 subnets are enabled also. I unplugged and I have rebooted multiple times. I also have tried the reset button. Nothing is working.

A Yellow LED means a network fault.

Enabling UPnP and the port forwarding has nothing to do with that.

Check the LEDs on the NETWORK ports (both ends) and make sure they agree, and then check your router’s DHCP status to determine what IP address it is giving the MBL.

I have checked the IP address but I dont understand what you mean by MBL.