Windows XP not able to format Completely Raid0 Device My Book Studio Edition II 2 TB

Please I’d appreciate for someone can help me to format My Book Studio Edition II 2 TB that was Raid 0 in Windows XP

when I try disk management same thing and WD Drive manager the same not able to fully format also :frowning:

any idea please ?

Are you trying this on XP now or another OS?


Yeah XP my same system So is there a problen ?

What happens when you try to use the drive manager? And what size is that MBS?

When my Disks inside my WD alot of times nonreadable every where Only I can see the ICon disk in my computer and lost any luck to access it But when I take them out and connect them internal with sata cables I can see them all and one can be formated and one denied but the size on them the same everything So I don’t know what I have to do to back them working again with Raid 0 like normal and I know I have to forget my data inside cause this is really no way to fix So waiting for your help for how to format them and can read them with WD my book ?

Thanks in advance