Windows XP Failure to Read after RT Clock Battery Replacement

Two weeks ago, I started receiving notification on my Dell Dimension 8400 that my real time clock battery was starting to fail. During that time, I would frequently boot my computer to find my WD Caviar Blue internal drive was not being recognized, along with my external Toshiba USB drive. 

If I reboot the computer a few times, the drive would become visible.

Yesterday, I changed the RT clock battery.  Now I can see my external Toshiba drive, but cannot see my WD Internal drive.  The BIOS finds it just fine, but Windows XP does not recognize it at all.  I go to Disk Management in XP and it is not detected.  I tried the Data Lifeguard utility and it doesn’t find it either.

Does any one have any suggestions?  Is my HD toast?

Additional information:

When I open the case, the hard drive is warm to the touch, so I know it is working.

Can anyone offer some advice?

It may be possible that the BIOS configuration got corrupted.   You may need to restore it.

When changing the BIOS / CMOS batteries, the BIOS settings are usually “reset” to factory defaults.  Some times these default are not the same settings used to originally configure the hard drive to your system.