Windows XP doesn't recognize My Passport Essential 500 GB

Hi to everyone! Need your help.

A few days ago I bought My Passport Essential 500 GB WDME5000R and faced a problem - my PC (Windows XP) doesn’t recognize it(((

It shows that My Passport is connected and moreover indicates that this is WD5000BEV External USB Device. I can even safely remove it from my computer) BUT… every time I enter “My Computer” folder…the system doesn’t recognize the disk and I can’t access it.

Tried several times on another PC with Windows XP, with other USB cable and different USB ports but nothing helped.

So could you please tell me how can I solve this problem? There are no any drivers on the Internet.

What should I do with the disk?

Waiting for your reply.

Thank you very much in advance,

Anyone help, pleeeeeaaaassse:mansad:


It’s only a few days since you bought it. Either you can return it to the retailer or use your legal warranty.  :robothappy:

Does it show up in Disk Management?  If so, try deleting and recreating the partition with the format.