Windows XP Compatibility option and Mac Question

Hi folks,

When my sister tries to connect to a share I’ve made for her she is told that I need to change to Windows XP compatibility.

Will thisaffect other users who may be using Win7, like me at work :slight_smile:

She has also tried to connect with her Mac. She says it all works up until you get the option to ‘open in explorer’

She gets ‘Open in Finder’ which makes sense but then can only download items. Should it not just open in window like in Windows? Can she not put upload to the share? 



You should not have any problems if you  change to Windows XP compatibility.

For the Mac I recommend that you review this link to verify if it will help.

How to map a WD network drive on a Mac

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Great thankyou :slight_smile:

hmmm… aren’t both these things for the owner if they are running XP or Mac?

My query was referring to recipients running XP or Mac.

I am running Win 7.