Windows XP and ultra HD

Hi, I’m new so will be brief.
I have an old passport elements giving me grief(slow to copy and write files to/from) I want to upgrade to a 2TB. I have Windows XP, not ready to upgrade to Windows 10 yet. If I get the Ultra, will it work with XP? , some reviews say yes and some no. If not, and I get the elements, will it work with Windows 10 later?
I have a hunch the ultra will work with XP but the security /backup software won’t.
Final question. On my old Elements, I have the security password function, why can’t I have it on the new versions?
Sorry if the questions have been asked before but I have done a search and get conflicting answers, best to go straight to the manufacturer I guess.

a harddrive is just that - a harddrive. So there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work. Anyone who says it won’t are not being true.

Now, what MAY not work are the additional features and the software asssociate with that - like WD backup, WD security, etc.

Thanks :+1: