Windows will not read reformatted hd taken out of My Book Duo

I have uprated one of the drives in My Book Duo to a larger TB. I reformatted the drive I took out but windows will not read it from an external docking station. before I took the drive out of My Book I reformatted it to NTFS. Was the drive encrypted when I used it in My Book

i would check the specs of your docking station to make sure it supports the capacity of the hard drive you put in it.

Even if it was, it will/should still show up in Disk Management as an Uninitialized Drive

And of course, initializing it will format it … wiping all the data.

I have removed an encrypted hard drive from a My Book enclosure … it won’t show up in Windows Explorer, but it did show up in Disk Management.

Thank you so much Joey. Crack on with the solution. The drive needed initialising and formatting. I had cleared all the data onto the second drive so no problem.
Thanks FD