Windows / very slow after Standby


I have two PC with windows 7. One as 32 bit the other 64 bit.

When I connect my WDH1CS10000E and the PC goes in Standby. After wke up the PC it is very very slow. it is unpossible to work with.

The problem I hve with my two PC.

I have also try to update the firmware. Thatßs impossible.

The message I get is: To update the firmware only one My Book must be connected. But the is only one connected.

I need help.

best Regards

Jeannot Keiser 

Have you adjusted your computer’s power settings? Take a look in the control panel and see what is there and post it. Also, look for USB selective suspend setting, if it is on turn it off (it is located in one of the “advanced” settings in the power options under the control panel in windows 7).