WINDOWS User Namd and Password required when accessing Excel, Word and PPT

Whenver I use my PC (Windows 7 or XP) to access my folders remotely using WD2Go and attempting to open MS excel, word or PPT, somehow a message always props up saying access to [IP address] requires user name and password. Whatever username / password such as for the user, for admin etc won’t work. [Once I tried MyBookLive as the username and then the access password, it worked … but not the next day]

Strinagely, there is no problem when access PDF files and even MS Access Database.

This is very strange. Can somebody please help? Thank you very much!


WD 2go uses WebDAV.

Microsoft Office 2007/2010 do not work seamlessly with WebDAV.

Your only option is to COPY the file to your PC, and then do the edits there, and then copy it back.

Thanks for your response! Really apprecaite it.  Is WebDAV a WD thing or something else? In other words, would there be a way not to use WebDAV?

Thank you very much!

WebDAV is an industry-standard protocol.  It’s part of the HTTP specifications and standards for webserver architecture.