Windows updated, 2 tb external showing as not formatted

This is the 2nd time this has happened now.

WIndows 7, 32 bit.

I generally ignore windows updates because of the problems they cause. Eventually windows becomes a problem with every program I try to run so I have to update.

It updates, restarts and all of a sudden it freezes on the start screen. Where branded computers show the brand name splash screen, mine shows the hard ware etc, gives option to go to bios, then option for safe mode etc, then it freezes.

It will do this no matter what I do unless I unplug the external drive.

I turn the computer all the way off, make sure nothing is happening with my external. Unplug the usb, restart the computer.

It starts fine, loads up everything. I plug the hard drive it, it spins up, then it pops up the smart ware stuff for the temp drive smart ware creates. Then nothing else happens.

I check the drives, and its there but needing to be formatted.

The last time this happened a friend of mine had just had a similar problem, and used the program called Recuva to get about 80% of my data back. It had to reformat the drive & then recover the infomation. 

This is frustrating.

Anyone have ANY idea whats happening and what i can do to try to recover this drive without risking losing all my information?

This drive is where I backup all my information. I keep the record of all my family, pictures, histories, everything. Music, software and things my brother created. This is a major concern.

Any ideas before I resort to wiping it & restarting?

If the information inside the HDD is corrupted it will make it difficult to read the files. Just like your friend did, try using recuva or test disk and see what happens. It’s important to always safely eject the hard drive if you are not doing it.

its not that it is corrupted. everything sees the drive as unformatted. theres a file system or something along that lines that tells windows where everything is, its what got corrupted by the windows update… 

i was hoping someone else had had a simiar problem and new what caused it and a possible solution that didn’t involve reformatting and HOPING that i could get the data back …

oh well… 

i’l give it a few more days, if nothing else, i’l format & hope for the best.

great, now nothing is seeing it, will try that testdisk you mentioned, see if it can see the drive.