Windows Update - My Cloud Personal Storage

I had a Western Digital MyCloud 2 TB external drive which was defective and I returned to the store. I uninstalled all the software. I did not replace it and no longer have the drive.

Windows Update is finding an optional update of “Western Digital Corporation - Other hardware - My Cloud Network Storage” as an update.

Why is Windows still finding this on my computer if I have uninstalled all the software? I’ve gone through the registry and removed as many references to Western Digital as I can find, but there still must be some trace of it somewhere. Why? How do I remove it?

Hello there and welcome to the WD community.

That’s really weird, try to see if you can locate the WD My Cloud on the device manager and f it is there try to uninstall it, then restart the computer and check. This might be because the update was there before you had returned the drive and that’s why it comes up.