Windows Update & Indexation stops working after cloning


I recently update by laptop (Windows 7 Professional 64bit) to a WD drive, the WD7500BPVX-00JC3T0.

I used Clonezilla to clone the previous drive and everything went smoothly.

However after starting up with the new drive, I noticed after a few days that the indexation of the disk had stopped, and couldn’t be restarted.
Also Windows Update no longer worked and I began to receive messages saying that I was no longer using an authentic windows product.

Searching on the web threw up a number of cases where cloning seemed to cause indexation problems afterwards and most recommended reinstalling the drivers. However I don’t find any drivers ont he WD site for my drive.

In Device Manager in Windows I see that the driver used is from Microsoft and dates from 21/06/2006, Version 6.1.7600.16385

The WD utility on only seems to work with external drives and did not do anything for me.

The Intel Driver Update Utility from show that I need to update the chipset driver (that I need the 10.0.27 whereas I have a but then when I try to do that it comes back failed without any further fault code.

Does anyone know where I can download recent drivers for the WD7500BPVX-00JC3T0 ?

Best regards,

Colm O’G

Hello, WD as most of the other drive manufacturers uses Microsoft generic drives for their drive to be recognized. As an example I have on the computer I am siting at the moment a Seagate drive which shows to use the same drives as your WD Drive.

What I do believe that has happened is that somehow the system is unstable after the clone and you might need to reset back to factory, I upgraded my work laptop from a 120GB SSD to a 1 TB hybrid drive, and I had to do a recovery for my system to be stable again, I was on Windows 10.