Windows Update Error 0x80070002

I am using windows 8 and recently decided to update it and when I update it everything is right but when the update installing an error message pops up Windows Update error 0x80070002. I googled it and found Updating date and time will resolve this issue but I check my PCs date and time are correct then I tried updating device drivers but this method also not worked for me. Please look into this and help me to resolve this issue ASAP.

@rickysingh If this is a problem with your Windows computer and updating it, have you tried the Windows community?

This type of error occurs when you download an update from the Microsoft Windows Update Web site or (WSUS) Windows Server Update Services. If you are using Windows 10 and getting an error code while updating Windows 10 store then you should click here 0x80070422 to know how to fix this type of error.

same thing. even when I click on the error message it does not really help me. any other suggestions to fix that please?