Windows task Manager/Memory Usage

Admittedly I sometimes know enough to be dangerous, however over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that I have had to end the wd/memeo processes out of windows task manager  in order to get anything else to work on my pc.  Letting wd run or trying to do a back up will run the memory usage up in to the 600000+ marks which freezes everything else up.  Unfortunately this also means I haven’t been able to keep wd on long enough to get a recent back up of music and pictures.  Has anyone run into this problem, and are there solutions?

If you are using the Smartware it’s total ■■■■. If this isn’t the only copy of your files I’d uninstall the Smartware and format drive then install a real backup program that works  . I got rid of Smartware after my first backup when I saw the resource usage and the limited backup options. I use the Paid version of Acronis True image. This free version is stripped of some of the more advances features.