Windows Shares window just shows a spinning icon forever

Ugh… more problems with network sharing. I shouldn’t have pressed my luck by upgrading to the newest firmware.

I’m currently running 3.03.13. Whenever I try to access network shares (either Windows OR Linux), I just get a yellow spinning icon that never goes away. Eventually, I’d like to access my NAS again (DNS-323). It worked at one point with some older firmware, but I’m tired of new firmware breaking stuff.

I can see both devices (WDTVLiveHub and DNS-323) on my laptop, access their shares, and everything works great. But for whatever reason the WDTVLiveHub does not want to see anything on the network.

Interestingly, if I access Media Servers on the network, both the DNS-323 and my laptop (Win7) show up as sources. Selecting the DNS-323 as a media server seems to work.

So why the heck isn’t the network share working?!

Hi, try to reset the router and if that doesn’t work press the reset button on the bottom side of the Live Hub for one second.

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That was totally it – didn’t even know there was a reset button on the device itself, but resetting it seemed to do the trick and the network shares magically reappeared!

This does not fix the problem… what happens tomorrow when the issue arises again!