Windows Shares, Error 53 and ISOs, Oh My!

First of all, let me thank you all in advance. I have learned so much already sifting through the volumes of information shared.

Sadly, I am still lost. I am a newbie to networking and media sharing. I have spent hours searching but cannot combine enough of the posts in the right searches. With 2 jobs, grad school and 2 kids under 3, my time is limited, as most of us are. I am trying to transfer my 600 or so DVDs into ISO files as is the quickest route I have found to transfer them all to my server. Before I was using AnyDVD to rip, clone DVD to format and then had to transfer them from laptop to the server. With ISOs, I can simply make 2 clicks in AnyDVD and save it right to server. Shows up through laptop but not WDLive.

I am trying to set up my WDLive to use network shares to pull ISO files off of my server.

Set Up - Windows 7 (64 bit) laptop, Windows 7 desktop (rarely used and no relevant files), and an HP mediasmart server with 5TB running Windows Home Server (Version ? bought in 2007/8). The server seems to use TwonkyMedia Server software which I have a sneaky suspicion may be some of problem?

When I access network shares it has 2 options, Windows Shares and Linux Shares. When I select windows shares, it just keeps searching for eternity (several hours at least).

According to one post from Tony,  I went to CMD prompt and entered net view. I get the error 53 message. I went to windows support to correct problem but cannot seem to find the issue.

NetBios is enabled, workgroup on laptop and desktop is workgroup. Not sure about server, cannot find a workgroup name using windows home server console. i had joined a homegroup but have since taken out. I have gone into my one test ISO file on server and made sure it is shared. I also uninstalled Live ID assistant as some have suggested.  I cannot seem to get away from this error 53 issue.

Please if anyone has any suggestions I am at my end. I happen to work for a government agency and have Monday off. If I can get this solved by then, I could make a huge dent in getting files tranfered to the server. My old way took about an hour or so per dvd. by the way, everything i have through media server plays fine, and I was even able to find the sample videos on the laptop and play them through the WDLive, so I know they are at least communicating.

Thanks again and sorry for rambling. If I need to share more, just let me know. I have limited internet access at work so early morning and late night are my best chances.


My WD TV Live hasn’t arrived yet, but I think I can help you with your networking issue.  Right now I have a Dune Prime 3.0 player that accesses all of my BDMV and video_ts rips (I prefer that to ISO, since the Dune has native support for that, just like the WD TV does) that are stored on my WHS.  WD, like Dune, uses Samba to access your files.  For that to work with your WHS, you need to create a user on WHS that has the same logon as the device name.  For example, I have the user “Dune” created on my WHS for my Dune player.  That’s all I needed to do to get my WHS working with my Dune player.

For simplicity, make sure that you have a workgroup set up instead of a homegroup, and put all of your computers and your WHS in it.  It helps prevent sharing headaches.  You can change the WHS workgroup name by remoting into it (just hit the Windows key on your laptop and type ‘remote desktop connection’), right clicking on My Computer, selecting properties then computer name, then click change.

FYI - I also use AnyDVD HD, but I also use MyMovies for WHS + AnyDVD HD to make my rips.  I just put the disc in my WHS box and come back an hour later for BDs (DVDs take much less time) and they’ve been ripped to my Videos WHS share, complete with all meta data, folder and background images, and ready to play.  I use to rip to mkv, then I switched to BDMV and video_ts because my kids wanted all of the extras and goodies on the discs.

After I get my WD TV tomorrow and get it set up, I’ll post again with my settings.

*edit* - Sorry, I bought the Live Streaming player, not the Live.  But, I’d wager that the basic setup should be about the same, networking-wise anyway.  I’ll check out the Live’s manual and compare it to the Live Streaming’s manual.

As I thought, it was exactly that easy.  I made a new WHS user with the same name as the WD box, gave it read permissions on my videos share, then just followed the network setup for the WD box (making sure to put the WD box in my workgroup).  No problems accessing any of my media.

If you are still having issues, sometimes it helps to choose a different name than “workgroup”.


Thanks for your replies!! I never got the emails showing that someone replied and sat here thinking no one appreciated me :slight_smile:

That sounds like a simple solution and have just submited my vacation request to leave work in a few minutes and try it out. I will let you know when I have tried it and the results.

Thanks again.

unfortunately, no luck

must be issue with my server or router. Server is HP495EX with WHS w PP3. Router Netgear WNDR3700

I created the user account WDTVLive and set it for sharing and remote access.

i cannot access the remote desktop connection for some reason. I get the following error message. My guess it is related to the fact that I cannot set up a remote access to where I have a web address for the server b/c my ISP blocks all outgoing ports.

To log on to this remote computer, you must be granted the Allow log on through Terminal Services right. By default, members of the Remote Desktop Users Group have this right. and so on

I cannot remember how I did it before, but I do recall seeing the setup of the Server that had the workgroup name WORKGROUP, just as the other devices. I wanted to change it but cannot figure out how to get back there.

GOOD NEWS - something did solve the Error 53 issue

When I select Network Shares on the WD, I get 2 options, Windows Shares and Linux Shares. Once I select Windows Shares, it originally would just start searching, now it comes up with Readyshare and asks for a username and password. Whatever I enter, it is rejected.

Also, on the WD, in network settings, should I have Proxy On or Off?

Thanks again, I have hope that with your help I may just figure this out


Proxy should be off.

The remote access you are talking about isn’t the same as the remote desktop connection.  Your ISP has nothing to do with RDP, as it’s done on your side of the router.  I forgot that you need to give your user (the one you use on your laptop) permission for remote access.  Use the WHS console and give your user remote access - you’ll see it in the User Accounts tab.

Readyshare is something supported by your router.  It’s definitely not what you want, since you aren’t trying to share a NAS attached via USB to the router.  Here’s the Netgear website about it:

At this point I think it’s a compatibility issue between the WDTV Live and the router that’s causing your problems, so you can skip changing the workgroup name for now.  Are you trying this via wireless, or are you using a wired connection from your WDTV to the router?

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Thanks so much kegobeer!! I honestly cannot say what it was specifically that put me over the top, but I owe you one for sure. I think you had me in the right place but then the final thing I did to get it to show was reconnect the WDTVLive to my network! Now I have several options under Windows Share including my laptop and then within the homeserver is the twonky media server software it came with.

Also a big thanks to TonyPh12345! Your guide on using net view led me to the issues in the first place and then allowed me to make sure the set up that kegobeer had me do was done right.

Here’s to a long weekend of ripping DVDs into ISOs.

I cannot thank you two enough. Keep up the great assistance. I truly appreciate it.

kegobeer, I hope your device arrived and set up was a breeze for you.


Glad to help.  Yep, it arrived and was a breeze to set up, but unfortunately I sent it back already.  The lack of one button playback of my bdmv rips was a deal breaker.  I got spoiled by my Dune player.  Maybe if WD adds proper BD playback, complete with menus, I’ll give it another shot.  Until then, I’ll use one of my many computers lying around the house when I want another TV to have access to all of my movies.

That kinda **bleep**.

What do you think of the Dune players? I am considering maybe one of the HD Smart H1 or B1 players once my poor man’s theater room is done.

Haven’t really gotten into BluRay just yet. Sometimes kinda weirds me out b/c it is more like standing on the set watching and I still prefer a bit of the film feel to it.

Thanks again for all of your help.

I’ve only used my BD Prime 3.0 player, but I think it’s fantastic.  For my money, it’s the best thing (next to a computer) for playing back networked media.  You should check out the forums and visit the Dune board.