Windows Share on NAS Drive

I have an Iomega NAS Drive which has a large number of my video files on it.

I am able to view this drive and contents as a Media Server however, when viewing like this, I am unable to download any artwork or info.

I have tried scanning for windows shares however nothing is detected and I believe that this is the way that I would need to add folders to my Media Library. All the shares on my NAS Drive are set to public.

How can I view/add folders to my Media LIbrary?

Many thanks

I think the workgroup name on your WD Live and your NAS need to be the same for the browser function to work. For instance, if your WD is set to the default “WORKGROUP”, and your NAS is set to “HOME”, it won’t find the share while searching.

On a side note, your experience is not unique to you. My Dlink DNS323 NAS as a media server does not pull in the artwork or anything, but shows the metadata and covers as a Windows share. Perhaps it is a limitation with DLNA?


Thank you.

The problem was different workgroup names :slight_smile: