Windows Seven Shares Working

I am on the latest version of the firmware, use an officially unsupported wireless N USB.

I have the shares I want visible on my Live.

I have not done any registry editing, no removal of this or that app/driver/service.

I have set a static IP on the Seven machine and on the Live.

I have made the Workgroup the same on both.

I have turned off UAC

I have right clicked on each folder I want to share.

I have chosen Share With -> Specific People

I added Everyone with Read ability.

I rebooted.

Presto! I have the folders I chose available in the Live unit. All subfolders as well.

I use Seven Ultimate x64

I have reinstalled the OS a few times and recreated the shares. No problem.

Hope this helps someone.

Yes, and you don’t even need to set a static IP address, or turn off UAC.  The steps you describe (minus those) should work for *most* people (there are issues if you are running WHS, but most folks are not).