Windows server

Can a person install windows server 2008 r2 or 2012 r2 on a WD My Cloud EX2, if so, how. Can you just format your drives and install server?

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I do not believe this is possible.

No , never  !!

fisrt of all the EX2 hardware doesnot  meet windows server requirments ,u cannot install windows becouse the CPU architecture is ARM ,and windows doesnot support it

Before you say never, nada, impossible, will never happen, etc. etc. etc. check your facts.

Misrosoft will make a version of Windows 10 available for ARM and it’s expected to be free.  Now I am guessing it might not be a full version of Windows, which would make sence.

I will be getting some great laughs in the coming years as all the computer morons who purchase a low cost ARM system will subsiquently panic when they learn that the hundreds of thousands of Windows applications (for Intel/AMD based systems) will not work.  They don’t comprehend the concept of binary compatibility.

In any event for the nay sayers who think I don’t knwo what I’m talking about, here is a link to Miscrosoft’s website so you see an ARM version of Windows 10 is coming.

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