Windows Server Backup to DX4000

Is there a way i can back up windows 2003, 2008 to DX4000?

Just run the http://servername/connector on them.  Click next when it says may not be supported.

MS/WD cannot support 3rd party LOB’s etc, so they are covering themselves.  Server 08 does have decent full backup/bmr built in.  2003 still uses ntbackup which is more of a pain to do bmr.

If you have LOB’s (Line of Business apps) on the server(s), you should send the backups of these to the WD box, or let the WD box, backup the backups.

Hi Gramps,

Thanks for the reply, i do have this business apps SAP that i would like to backup on the box, i would try this one and let you know if i succeed on the backup.


It says, Cannot connect to the computer server because either another software installation is in progress, or, the computer has a restart pending. Either complete the installation process, or, restart the computer and try connect it again.

I will let you know again, after i restart the server. Right now i cannot restart my server coz its on production.

Well, it may need a reboot, or it maybe a known issue in that unsupported link from the other day :slight_smile:

Why not use Arkeia Software (owned by WD) to backup your Windows Servers TO your DX4000?

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