Windows sees it, WD Backup does not

New install. Did the update. Windows 8, 64 bit. USB 3.0.

I can copy files via File History, but WD Backup does not detect the drive.


Also - WD Utility works with it just fine. I’ll try downloading latest software for WD Backup.

No luck - went from 1.1… to 1.2… still no luck. Only Drop Box option showing up in WD Backup.

Hi there,

Just to make sure, what is the model of your unit? This is really strange I doubt that it might not be compatible with your drive.

Thank you for the response,

WDBBKD0030BBK-NESN according to the label on the box. The original software was on the drive itself (1.1).
The suffix on the unit itself is 05 instead of NESN.

Maybe a bit to precise - WD My Passport 3TB

Hey @MRF,


Uninstall the current version of WD Backup and then open wdbackup.exe file with “Admin Privileges”, then install the software in the system.

Additional info: MY PASSPORT ULTRA (WD BACKUP) - WDBBKD0030BBK is compatible with WD Backup.

If the issue persists let me know here.