Windows security connecting external HDD to My Cloud

I have a 1TB WD passport connected to My Cloud, using Windows10 on my laptop, I was able to enter the password required for my 1TB WD passport and I can see it along with the other folders on MyCloud, but trying to open my external HDD I get the message from Windows security to enter Network credentials.
I know this is not a WD issue, but can any one help me where exactly in my network advanced settings I can go and allow this HDD to connect.

After you enter your Network user name and password what happens? If you don’t remember your network user name and password check your router for the information. See example image below. Click, tap or activate image to enlarge it.


Are you using the same login information for both drives/Shares yoru trying to access?

Generally Windows, more specifically the Credentials Manager, doesn’t like to use two different usernames/passwords when accessing multiple network attached storage drives or folders/shares on those NAS drives. Typically the solution is to ensure the same username and password are used on all WD My Cloud Shares that the computer user will access.

Edit to add: If the USB drive connected to the My Cloud has it’s own independent integrated/embedded folder/drive security separate from the My Cloud then that will present a problem. The My Cloud apparently doesn’t support passing through username/passwords to USB drives that have their own imbedded security.


Yes indeed an external HDD with its own password will not work on Mycloud.
such notes and comments have to be mentioned in the manual.

I removed the password security and after disconnecting and rebooting it
worked fine. Thanks