Windows SBS 2008

We have an issue where when our WD USB Passport drives are plugged in they don’t show up in Disk Management console. This means that we can’t do our full back up each night as our backup software backs up to the USB drives. These drives have been showing up until Tuesday and now we can’t seem to see them.

When the drives are plugged in they show in Device Manager but they they are not showing anywhere else. This is a Windows SBS 2008 server and is not an issue we have seen before. There isn’t a problem with the drives as we can plug them in other machines such as Windows Server 2003 and Windows 7 machines and they work fine.

The only solution seems to be to reboot the server but this is causing frustration for our client.

Can anyone offer any advice on why this happens and how we can fix it ? We know that WD will say that the drives aren’t supported on a Windows 2008 server but surely someone must know a fix ?

Many thanks in advance 

In your situation, I would try uninstall the drive from Device Manager, disconnect it, and reinstall it after reset the computer, this will cause the computer to go online and search for the most up to date set of drivers for this device.

Did you check if this drive is compatible with Windows SBS 2008? I encounter one issue like this and this was the situation, the drive was not supported under this OS. It might be the same here.