Windows replaced bad clusters in file xxxxx

I bought this 500GB harddrive just 1 week ago and now i am suffering some problems.

After I downloaded a few files(some <100m and 1 or 2 >4GB) and try to run or copy these files, i hit the error msg “the request could not be performed because of an i/o device error”. So i did The CHKDSK, shows some msgs like
“windows replaced bad clusters in file xxxx” and stuck there

I am using win 7 64bit

Do you have any idea, if it a defect product? I just bought for a week

First of all check your drive with Data Lifeguard Diagnostics utility, which can be found on WD website. Also check the connectivity cable and try replacing it.

i am running that ,still stuck for a long time in somewhere, there must be some problems…