Windows Phone

How can I use my windows phone with WIndows 10 to access mycloud?
Also my Surface only runs Edge and this is not recognised by WD???
Thanks ERWIN

Please use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right. The Windows Phone and the My Cloud has been extensively discussed.

Currently there is no official WD app for the Windows Phone. WD withdrew the WD app for Windows Phone last year and they have indicated there are no plans to bring it back. See the following Cloud Ideas discussion:

Currently one can use a web browser on their Windows Phone to access either the My Cloud Dashboard to administer the My Cloud device, or the user web portal primarily used for remote access.

One can also use any Windows Phone app that supports DLNA or any File Manager app to access the My Cloud media server or My Cloud files while connected to the same local network as the My Cloud.

The My Cloud does offer FTP access but for remote FTP access it requires one to configure their broadband router/gateway to port forward the FTP port (21) to the My Cloud. Note that FTP is NOT a secure protocol, it may be possible for one to intercept the username/password used to access the My Cloud FTP server.