Windows Phone

windows phone is not supported anymore??
Last time I’ve bought a WD item!!!
No one at WD cares?


Sorry to hear that.

Please see the following link on the ideas board and vote for it to see if that can be implemented again.

You are right that no one at WD seems to care about the Windows phone – and a whole lot of other companies that make devices and apps don’t care either, because of one simple reason: the Microsoft phone, even after a few years, still has microscopic market share. Apple and Android phones have around 90% market share. As the expression goes, “do the math”. It’s the old Betamax vs VHS situation over again; market share rules. If you want an ecosystem of great and varied apps for your device (i.e. a phone) get the leading device that has them.

I understand the business case argument, but WD2Go has worked for more than a year for my Windows Phone.
Why stop it if it has already been made?
has the platform itself been changed? Looks like Windows Phone is collateral damage.



Hi ERmorel,

You speak of a link but I can’t see any link.


Sorry francis_lessmann, though I included the link

Link to ideas board: Windows Mobile app for MyCloud

If that’s the case, then too bad about the wd2go app; I never used it, and for quite a few reasons I am not real crazy about the My Cloud app. If I can, I use other apps to operate and access my WD devices with my iGadgets and Kindle tablet.

There must be some Windows phone apps that can do the same for you, too. I presume you want to access the media files on your WD device, so look for apps that can discover and play DLNA media on your WD device.

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I am a Windows Phone user also and feel the pain. Have you tried to make VPN between your router and phone?

I am going to miss my Windows Phone. Have fingers crossed for Surface Phone.

Good Luck

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If you want a new phone that plenty of companies make apps for, don’t have a (Microsoft) Windows or Surface Phone. Have an Android or Apple phone. Much less “pain”.

The only Microsoft gadget that got market acceptance was the Xbox. None of their other consumer gadgets ever got any respect. This being said by a long time Windows PC user.