Windows Mobile app for MyCloud

Come on WD, support your customers. Give them back the function they gave you money for.
Please provide us a Windows 10 Universal App.


Hey WD

To add insult to injury, I get the following screen when I attempt to log into with my Windows 10 phone -

" This Browser is not supported
Currently the Microsoft Edge Browser is not supported… "

Options are Explorer (uh, not available on W10M) Chrome (ditto) and Firefox (same again)

Lookit, you really need to get on with building a universal Win10 app… seriously. If you can’t figure it out, work with the larger community and let them work with your code to do so (seems really odd asking for crowdsharing to access the largest software manufacturers OS, but there it is…)

EDIT - I did get Opera Mini to work - so you all need to hurry up and break it too so we will be back to no access with our Win10M units… (sarcasm, but not very)


From a Whats App survey, it looks like they have around 80 million windows phone users which would equate to a 10% market share as opposed to the usual 4% figure… Either way, it’s one hell of a lot of users. Then there’s the tablet users. WD clearly think this is not worth the effort pursuing…well they should think again… see this link

Many phone users probably don’t want or need a personal ‘Home’ cloud… I do - mostly for my work. I use windows on my pc and laptop and that’s also why I use a windows OS phone; it integrates seamlessly with my computers. Android is ok for mobile devices but that’s it. As for Apple - Not for me! I always carry my phone and, until WD2go stopped connecting, always had access to my stored files. WD are misreading the market and probably going to alienate many windows users.

I doubt WD give a $*** about us wingers. Unless Microsoft come up with a great phone soon we’re probably better boycotting WD products.


Come on WD, bring back a working App for Windows Phone and myCloud !!

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Forget it !!! Western Digital has stopped supporting WD2Go on Windows Phone because of low userbase numbers.
I fought and got my money back. :slight_smile:

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I use an Android and a Windows Phone with my MyCloud. WP is the better OS :slight_smile: with less Apps :frowning:

The Android WD Software is after update also often full of bugs, so i only need a rudimentale WD App for WP.


I’d just like to add my request for Windows Mobile support. It seems crazy to omit it.
Also how difficult can it be the program design must be the same for each OS?
Surely there is no great development work load added.
Treating me like a second or third class citizen leaves a very bad taste and effectively prohibits my repeat custom for WD.


Yesterday I had a longer phone call with WD after my case was escalated.
I asked for an official statement from WD about a Windows Phone App here in the community. Hope to get one during the next days and hope that we get a Windows 10 Universal App that can be used on Windows Phone 10 soon


I was very pleased to read your post. I used the WD2Go App on my Windows phone for about 2 years before they decided to no longer support it. It is a real inconvenience and trying to use the web page login on a phone, it is such a pain. I do hope they reinstate something for Windows Phone users and also hope that it will also work for Windows 8.1 users too.

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I’d be pleased like all of you, who already had expressed their opinion for support of Windows Phone by WD 2go. I’ve also have been using it succesfully for the last 1,5 years until the latest OS3 update.
For me its a great regret that I’ve lost access to MyCloud from my Lumia 735. Please, return back support for Windows Phone 8.1 and 10.
There is no notification in Windows Store that WD 2go is not supported (at least in my country - Russia). You can download it and install. But than you can see an error connecting to MyCloud.
Though the internal hardware of MyCloud detects my Lumia as a connected device.

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A universal windows 10 App would be awesome. It would be convenient for my tablet, desktop and also my phone. Kinda pissed to discover that wd dropped support. I like my mycloud, but I also like my phone.

Get with it WD.

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Windows phone users, listen up.

I agree, the WD2go app should be made to work again with a Windows phone if it previously did since it is the only option for you.
WD should do nothing less for you, but they are. i.e.there is no app at all, now.

OK, I am on your side on this issue, but now for the “reality check” once again:

The reason there is no modern WD app for Windows phone is because hardly anyone has bought one, but you. The more accurate market share figure for over a year plus is that WIndows phone has 2-3% market share,whereas Android and Apple phones have 90% combined market share. If you were running a company, would you develop something (like an app) for an outside product with microscopic market share? The ONLY answer to this question is no.

I have always had a Windows PC; never an Apple Mac, nor would I ever want one… Mostly because there are many makers of Windows PCs, and with so much competition, some company is bound to give the most bang for the buck; so I have my 3rd HP Windows laptop for this reason.

But I would never have a Windows phone. I never even considered one over two years ago when I got my first smart phone. I got one because by having an iPad for a few years, i liked having internet access on a mobile device and what it could provide for me. So, my decision came down to an Apple or Android phone. I so much liked the quality and variety of apps for the iPad, and since I could have the same with an iPhone, I gritted my teeth and opted for it over any Android phone. I also felt many of the Android apps I saw were pretty lame compared to Apple apps.

I have also suggested to other wanting a Windows app, that surely there is a Windows app that can access a device that serves up DLNA/UPnP material. There has to be one for Windows phone, so look for it. I do not use the My Cloud app exclusively on my iPhone, iPad AND Android tablet. No Sir, I fould the best app for the task I wanted to do. Do same for your Windows phone and quit whining about no Windows app for your WD device. I could easily live without the WD app.

Lastly, I feel compelled to make a comment about a statement made above by another person:

Many phone users probably don’t want or need a personal ‘Home’ cloud…

Huh? Is this person so clueless not to understand all the good reasons people need to have a NAS (or anything similar) at home to access remotely? He said he needed one for work. Sorry to say, not everyone uses there gear just for work. I use mine mostly for FUN! I like that I can access and enjoy my media files located at my home when i am NOT at home, like when traveling, or at relatives; basically anywhere I am not stuck to just using a computer at home. I have over 30 devices on the home network, so I access my cloud all the time using them when home. I also have had for years, a “Personal Cloud” called a Pogoplug with drives on it , AND also an offsite virtual Pogoplug Cloud (in case for some reason my home cloud is ever “down”.
Come on Pal, keep up with the tour; it is 2016!

Latest statement from WD “…currently a statement regarding the future of WD My Cloud Apps and Windows Mobile phone will not be posted.”


I have 4 mypassports, 3 mybooks and 1 mycloud. but now I have no more pleasurable.
since about 1 Year no longer works on the wd2go Windowns phone.

I am very very disappointed.


Personally I would probably use a universal app instead of the file explorer on my desktop computer. So why does not WD release a universal app that is working on all windows 10 devices (including mobile)?

Seriously, would WD be willing to refund me for my mycloud? It is 2 years old. To refund all owners of mycloud devices is not good business since it is probably more expensive than creating a universal app (or fixing the wd2go app).

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Dear WD. Im developer. Also of Windows Phone app. Please fix the problem or give me the API or possibility to create an App. For free. But the current state ist bad response for WD.


Hello timo_boehme, great suggestion. I just asked during my case if the can help you.
I I do not expect an answer but i give it a try.
Yesterday they told me that “WD is not planning yet to post a statement regarding the future of WD My Cloud Apps and Windows Mobile phone”

I also really like the idea to made the WD2Go API available for Developers !

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think there is no chance at the moment.
I asked WD but the answer is “…Currently is the official alternative to Wd2go…”

Hi Timo,

isn’t it possible to create a small app for the Web Login ? It is a kind of tricky to click on a 5" Smartphone through the website…