Windows Mobile app for MyCloud

With the apparent withdrawal of the WD2Go app for Windows Mobile (I think the Android equivalent is called MyCloud?.. which is still current incidentally), I would propose that WD re-release a MyCloud app for the Windows Mobile platform, either that or update and improve WD2Go so it works again.

With no Win Mobile app, it seems that WD are turning their backs on customers who use the Win Mobile platform, leaving them with a MyCloud drive with no real use or function.

I can’t help wonder what Microsoft will have to say about this when I pass on the details, not to mention the current owners/users/prospective purchasers of the MyCloud devices.



Status: Acknowledged.


I understand that this issue (complaint) has been passed to the relavent department within WD. Fingers crossed that we can have the situation resolved.

I’ve also had a reply in another thread suggesting that the more members respond to this thread (is it that kudos button thing?) the more likely that WD will take notice.

Please please help all Windows Mobile users by hitting the kudos thing on this thread. To have function (ie the app) removed from service renders the MyCloud device defunct!

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Seems that WD will not support WindowsPhones. The app WD2go for Windows phones is also not working after the update to CloudOS3

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I don’t understand.  It used to work and Demo mode still works.  Demo mode does not work in Airplane mode (Same error as my DL4100)  so that tells me it is actually going out on the web to get the files.

So if Demo mode wil go find a server why will it not work with mine?

Brief update:

Not that we didn’t know from the forum here (huge thanks for the forum btw, so glad to see we have a domain in which we can express and be heard. The mod team do a grand job, given the communication I’ve received back from WD), but here’s a quick quote confirming the absolute need to hit that Kudos button at the top of this thread people!


"We would like to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Currently there is no option with our apps to access the drive remotely on our OS3 platform.

The only way to access your unit remotely is with an internet browser by login on to

If this workaround is not a workable solution to the remote access we would like to offer you a refund of the purchase price of your unit once this is received at our collection center."

I seriously don’t want to send this thing back, I just want it to give us the function back that it had with the Mobile apps!

Please please fix it WD. People, smash the Kudos button and get WD to act!

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Using to get remote access from a Windows Phones is not really an option for remote access of my WD. Please please fix it WD.


I was driving myself crazy trying to work out why I was having the ‘No network available’ error all of a sudden. Wow, that’s pretty amazing that WD would take away the bare minimum of functionality from a Cloud based product!

And I just tried to sign in via and instantly get an HTTP Status 405 error - marvellous no mobile cloud access at all!

Please WD, reinstate the functionality of your mobile apps. They weren’t perfect but at least I could access (most) of my files!


Anyone want to buy 2GB My cloud, I have a windows phone and without the WD2go app whats the point of having my cloud, I have a year left on my phone contact before I can replace it with a Android phone.

Thank you very much WD for wasting my money, if there had never been a app for the windows phone, fine, but when you just removing a exscinding app, you are a great team


Same problem here, WD are an absolute disgrace I think its time to dump WD My Cloud and go for the new Synology DiskStation DS216play. loads of great apps for windows 8.1 and great support…


Umm, what Kudos button ?

This site was upgraded recently, prior to that there was a “kudo’s” button people could select for each user as a way of giving a form of praise to a user.

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I am a prospective My Cloud buyer. So I am to understand that WD doesn’t have a Windows 10 Universal app for the desktop and phone?


After some sort of “update” of the forum website here, it seems the “Kudos” button has been removed. Yet another great move on the part of WD.

Me personally? Boycotting WD as a company & their products now. I work in an organisation where Quality is absolutely paramount, and from what I’ve seen here WD are lacking in so many areas to the extent that they are now not providing the product or service that they have already sold to a lot of people.
Their overriding response to simply offer a refund for the device suggests to me that they are aware of their failing, they accept it in the only way viable in the short term, yet appear to be disinterested in working a solution to remedy the awful situation they have engineered.
If this is a taste of the operational support given by WD they have lost all credibility as far as I am concerned.


I have to say I’m quite puzzled. After I set up and filled my newly purchased WD NAS,
the proposed:

“If this workaround is not a workable solution to the remote
access we would like to offer you a refund of the purchase price of your
unit once this is received at our collection center.”

would be pretty much the same inconvenience as the Windows Phone app no longer working. Working in a software company myself I can appreciate, that some problems manifesting as minor bugs can mean major rewrites of the code, but at the same time I think even with the small market share that Windows Phone users constitute, it might be worth keeping this customer group satisfied. I have to say that while so far I quite like the product, my experience with the app, botched communication regarding it, non-working support portal and all things connected to this shattered my good perception of the brand. It would be rather funny and to start screaming that I’ll throw away everything WD at the very moment, but I’ll definitely think about other options with our future purchases.

So, if you guys at WD wouldn’t mind, it would be very nice of you to reconsider the support of a platform, that apparently quite a lot of your customers prefer to use.


I am staggered that Western Digital have simply removed Windows Phone functionality. They sell and market a product based on its mobility and then, without any consultation or warning, remove the very functionality we bought it for. Disgraceful. Last time I ever trust them with my data or money. I used to be a My Cloud evangelist - recommending it to others - but that process will now go into reverse. Alienating customers - nice work WD.


My thoughts exactly. Would anyone trust a brand that does this?

I am still perhaps hoping that sense prevails and Western Digital relaunch an app for the Windows Mobile platform, especially given the developing roll out of the Windows 10 platform across Microsoft driven devices. Either that or WD will maybe see a massive decline in their customer base.
I have to admit, I don’t want to send this MyCloud device back for a refund, it does (mostly) work well as a media server/store in the home network, but as & when it should fail it gets the hammer and WD are effectively “fired”.

Come on WD, support your customers. Give them back the function they gave you money for.


Just registered to voice my disgust at WD removing support for Windows phones.
I see from this Forum that they have not even had the decency to reply to the complaints or offer any kind of solution.
I was looking to buy another MyCloud NAS, but, have now decided to move to another solution.
I don’t think any company, that doesn’t offer comprehensive support to their customers, deserves any loyalty or indeed any custom.
WD this is a shocking and dismal way to treat customers, not to mention embarrassing. Hang your heads in shame.


Hello WD,
I’m the new recent owner of a 4tb MyCloud drive. I’m a Windows user across the board and after getting acquainted with all the features of the MyCloud, I was rather annoyed to find a misleading program to still be on the marketplace for Windows Phone support (the un-usable WD2Go program). After pouring through Windows-fan related forums related to this issue, it was sad to find out that Western Digital dropped all related support for Windows Phone for a then-working app and had no intention of releasing the newer MyCloud app update for that platform. Even this forum was difficult to track down to voice my support. I’m POSITIVE that if this was easier to find, you would see that the Windows Phone community would rally behind this movement for remote functionality through our beloved platform for WD MyCloud devices. Please reinstate your support for our devices as we show our loyalty by supporting yours!

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Here is a copy from WD support!

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is [[Deleted]].

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Based o the issue that you are currently experiencing with the Network drive in quest while trying access it with Windows phone, unfortunately the WD2go for Windows was been discontinued and listed as legacy app. Therefore, we no longer update this app and we do not guarantee that you will be able to use it to remotely access you drive.