Windows Media Player does not see WD TV Live Plus in "Play To" List

I’ve had my WD TV Live Plus up and working and networking.  The WDTvLive is  found on my network of computers using  a “wired” router.  I am able to play movies found through the ethernet cable to my main computer no problem.

My problem is that when I try to push a movie or music file in Windows Media Player 12 on my Windows 7 Pro machine, the WD TV Live is not in the “Play To” list.  My other Windows 7 laptop is showing in the list, but not the WD Tv Live Plus.  I can’t figure out why it is not there when it shows up in my Network Map and in Windows Explorer and I can find files on the computer at the TV using the WD TV Live remoter.

Does anybody have a fix for this?  

I wonder if I am supposed to use the new Windows 7 Home Network setup.  I am not using that.  I am using the older XP workgroup method because I have an XP machine on my network to connect to.

Not sure what your issue is, but I can definately tell you the the HOMEGROUP setup is NOT necessary to make it work.

You may need to make sure that MEDIA STREAMING is enabled… 


Make sure the device is listed and it’s ENABLED.

I went into Network sharing and checked into the media streaming options.  Media Streaming is enabled but the  WD TV Live is not listed.  That is my problem.  I don’t know why it is not listed.