Windows Media Format

When will WD support .wmf files?  Most of my personal video’s are windows format.

WMF is a Windows Metafile, not a video format.

He might be referring to WTV? :dizzy_face:

I’m referng to the files produced by Windows Movie Maker.  My home videos were transfered to this format.

Those are WMV files. I’ve created a number of them using Movie Maker and have not had any issues with playback. Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.

The message displayed on my TV when I try to play .wmv files is “Unable to play selected file.  Please see User Manual for a list of supported file formats.”  I also get this message when I try to watch my digital copy of StarTrek.

Digital copy? As in the digital copy that came with a DVD or Bluray? That won’t work. They have DRM encryption.

The digital copy that came with the DVD.