Windows Media CENTER Compatibility

Does anyone know if Windows Media CENTER can be used with WD Live Hub? I always loved the WMC visuals. I know there are themes available but I already have WMC set-up with bacdrops, metadata, etc.  

As far as I know, the answer is no… none of the WDTV devices are licenced by Microsoft to play Win7 WTV files.

Other than a couple of cruddy little D-Link boxes that didn’t seem to be around for very long, about the only thing Micro$oft would allow to act as an extender, was an X-Box, if I remember correctly.  Basically they won’t licence anyone to play WTV files, if I’m remembering correctly.

You’re correct and all the posts I’d ever read said those extenders were ■■■■. That’s why I went with the WD (and glad I did!). Figures that Microsoft would want to hold on to their piece of the pie, but as usual at the consumers expense. 

Oh well, more reason to thank the coder’s work-around solutions! 

Well, I love my Linksys WMC extender and it has given me zero problems compared to the Live Hub. I use both so I can  also stream recorded programs from my Media Center since the LH doesn’t like .wtv files.

Interesting…I’ll have to look into that. Thanks!