Windows & Mac WD My Passport - Can I transfer from windows to Mac WD

HI all, 

Ive had a My passport (Windows)  for some time, I recently bought a MAC now I need a Passport thats compatitible and it will cost the same to backup and reformat my current one as buying a new one. 

So my question is … Can I transwer files from the Passport Windows to the Passport for Mac seamlessly?

How would I go about this? Would have to back up the Windows files to my mac (since I dont have my PC anymore) and then transfer to the Passport for Mac?

I started doing this but it was taking so long… Any advice on how to make this speedy?

Also is there any way to make my new passport (MAC) compatitble for both MAC and WIndows without reformating?




If the drive is formatted for Windows NTFS it will be read only from a Mac. Try NTFS-3G That should allow full use of the drive.


You can transfer the files on the Mac without formatting or any other app…

If you will like to continue using the drive with your Mac and will no longer use with Windows you can Partition

If on the other hand you want to go back and forward from mac to win with this drive you can format on Fat32 or 

use the application suggested by Joe S above