Windows Live Essentials 2011

Thank you very much for the info, I just thought it should be out there :slight_smile:

please, has anyone solved this share problem? actually only solution is unistall windows live 2011 at all and reinstall 2009 version. has anyone test a solution? please, only sure answer because many confusion.

thanks to all and complement for forum

myabc, have you read the previous page?

Yes it’s ‘solved’, if you have Win 7 Ultimate, it’s a pretty easy fix to do.

* workaround for win7 home users *

My WDTV live had also  lost contact with my win7 pc after installing ‘windows live 2011’.

Turns out the day before I too had installed the windows live update ( which  cannot be installed)

So I used  ‘system restore’ to get my  pc back to the state it was before the update was installed.

Viola, my WDTV now connects and works perfectly again.

Hopefully WD will release a real fix for this in the next firmware [haha, yerh I know they have so much on their hands at the moment] until then I wont install the windows live update again.

p.s. Make sure windows doesn’t auto install updates too

Hope this helps someone


If you are running Windows 7 Pro X64 or Ultimate X64 you can try the workaround I posted on the previous page as this workaround has worked for both those versions of windows. 

I uninstalled windows live essentials and nope the net shares are still  dead.

need to restore prior to last Tuesday.

Thanks Microsoft

@Twisted. Yerh, seems now we have a workaround for x64 Pro, Ultimate and plain ol Home editions. :smiley:

@Nytemayr. You are correct. I first restored to ‘just before the win live update’ and shares still didn’t work. I then restored a few points before that and then it worked.

Thanks guys. Another set back for the next firmware update? Me hopes not.


this workaround did not worked here… and I have Win7 Pro x64. After making these changes, my WD TV simply can’t find my computer (via network share) on the network anymore.


try to install the previous version of Windows Live (google it, is still available for WinXP users), and after that, uninstall the Windows Live Sign-in assistant.

This is all interesting, & I’d like to follow this thread. I downloaded Live Essentials 2011 Friday nite. So far I haven’t experienced any of these dilemmas with it nor my shares. Everything still works as before. I am a Windows 7, 64, Ultimate user as well. I wish I could tell you what was different about my download, but I can’t. I did make sure that the Live ID was still not on my computer. Again, this is very interesting. Just in case I start having problems, I will report back.

Ok now I’m jealous. Lol I also have an original xbox streaming with XBMC for the kids, which is basically running 12 hours a day. For some strange reason the xbox wasnt affected by the live update. But whenever sign in assistant slipped through and got installed both my xbox and wdtv stopped connecting. I can only wonder if it made a difference because the xbox was running while I installed the live update?

Is there still no update to this?

Last week I installed the Live Essentials 2011 on my wife’s Vista computer… And that was no problem.

The mediacenter still lets med log in… Is there some difference with Vista?

Or is it because it came with the windows update?

Yes, Vista is different.   As far as I’ve been able to tell, only Win7 is bugged by this.

I was able to get it working on Windows 7 home edition 64 bit.  Found bits and pieces in several places.  First, for your shared folder, right-click and bring up properties.  

Click the Security tab, Edit, then Add.

Click Advanced, then Find Now.

Select ANONYMOUS LOGON, tnen OK, then OK.

Make sure Read & execute, List folder contents, and Read are checked (should be already).  click OK, then OK.

The next step I found here.  Scroll down to the registry setting changes about 2/3 of the way down in the first post.  Of the 3 settings, I only had to change the ‘everyoneincludesanonymous’ and  ‘restrictnullsessaccess’ settings, the second setting was already correct on my pc.  Reboot.  I could then see my shared videos on my WDTV Live.

So if someone with knowledge make a reg file or program then your solution can be released as a quick fix for download until this is solved by firmware.

As earlier posts in this thread discussed, there is no firmware fix for this.  This is a Win 7 access issue, you just need to grant access to you Win 7 PC for your WDTV Live.  The link in my post above also contained a link to a reg file, but the registry tweaks are very simple to do.  I’m also wondering if this could just be done without the registry tweaks by creating a user for the Win 7 PC and having the WDTV Live sign in as that user rather than as Anonymous.

Guys, you all are confusing the issue.

Windows Live Essentials 2011 (as well as other components) will BLOCK LOGINS, regardless of if there is a special user for the WDTV or not.

The REGISTRY hacks that are circulating basically circumvent the enhanced security that MS added to Windows File Sharing.

There WILL be a firmware fix.   All you have to do is look in the GPL source code to see that they have already started the fix;   My guess is that the next firmware will correct it (if WD doesn’t forget to actually compile the required patch this time… :slight_smile: )

It’s fixed with 1.04.10_V

Are You sure? I have that version… Have anyone else tested it? 

Yes, it’s fixed in 1.4.10.